Monday, 24 January 2011

How to escape war

It’s a question that has plagued mankind for ages: how to escape war.

To find the finest demonstration of a legitimate attempt to escape war, one must turn back the annals of time to the 19th century, to the time of the Scramble for Africa, to the Gorgonbula tribe…
"One of the most colourful North African tribes of this time, are the Gorgonbulas, from Ethiopia.

Equipped only with face-paint and spears, the Gorgonbulas would respond to an attack by hiding, usually behind a bush, or some other sun baked vegetation.

Invariably, the rival tribe, or European imperialist armies, would spot the Gorgonbula tribe huddled behind the shrub, and give chase.

Through an unwavering reliance on hiding and running away, the Gorgonbulas flourished during the late 19th century, until, growing in confidence, they ventured too far north, only to be wiped out by Italy’s small soldiers."

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